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The Company

Our Mission

WineConnect’s mission is to provide wine and spirits images and in-depth information and effective tools for delivering this data to wine and beverage merchants and their customers on a timely and informative basis.

Our Company

WineConnect, Inc., incorporated in 2003, captures bottle and label images for all wine, spirits and beer products. The company, utilizing its extensive software tools, acquires specifications and data pertinent from a wide number of sources. The images and corresponding data are then delivered to clients on a subscription basis. This data can be delivered via the Internet, computer-based kiosks or in printed form. WineConnect’s sophisticated tools enhance the information to assist the client’s customers in making informed selections.

WineConnect personnel continue to enhance this growing database and add new features and services.

The company is headquartered in Minneapolis at 1330 N.E. Quincy in northeast Minneapolis. The funky warehouse location seems somewhat antithetical to the company’s highly technical approach to image and data capture and analysis that drives the company. On the other hand, the location allows the company to keep costs down and provide for the rapid expansion that the company is experiencing.

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Here are four ways we can deliver this data to your stores and customers.