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Integration and Updating

The key to the WineConnect proposition is the ever-growing product database of wines, spirits and beers. WineConnect can deliver these images and data electronically to your existing applications or to WineConnect applications that you want to utilize.

If the application is your existing website, WineConnect analysts will work closely with your team to insure proper integration, including the image and data fields required and the update procedures.

If the application is to utilize a WineConnect website, our analysts will work with you to install your total brand image on the website, match the entries to your point-of-sale or inventory control system, and install items such as product selection tools, personal wine journals, and shopping carts. Because of our automated tools and experienced personnel this can be done quickly and efficiently.

If the application is printed materials, we can quickly set up the application that will allow your staff to access the product images and data and print the shelf talkers, price tags, catalogs, flyers, signs, or advertisements.

If the application is an in-store kiosk, WineConnect analysts will work with your kiosk application provider or assist you in selecting a kiosk provider. We will then work closely with them to integrate our images and data into their application. We have experience with a number of kiosk vendors, so the implementation is efficient.

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Here are four ways we can deliver this data to your stores and customers.