Inver House 'Green Plaid' Very Rare Scotch Whisky - $21.99

Spirit Details

Price: $21.99
Producer: Inver House
Region: Scotland
Spirit Type: Scotch/Whisky
Container Size: 1.75 L
Package Size: 1
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Drink Recipes

  Drink Description
Details Dundee What else but Scottish ingredients could give a drink a nme like this? This is a dry, sour cocktail with quite a kick.

Spirit Terms

Name Value
Scotch/Whisky "Scotch/Whisky" is one of the worlds' most widely consumed spirits. Its home is the Scottish Highlands, but the varieties of whiskeys range from Ireland and Scotland to Kentucky and Tennessee. The name whisky is a variant on the phrase "water of life". It is distilled, fermented and varies based on the production and grains used. Single malt to blended, the varieties have a large scope.

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