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• Merchant Benefits
Four ways WineConnect can deliver images and data to your stores and your customers
Merchant Benefits Photo Merchant Benefits using Strictly Images & Data

Reduced costs

  • Relieves your staff of the constant need to find, copy and install photo graphs, producer notes, independent tasting notes and ratings for an ever-changing number of products.
  • Allows your staff to focus on doing personal recommendations on high lighted products and services.

Consistent look & feel

  • All products have consistent, high-quality images and a standardized approach to the presentation of the product related information.

Continuous updates

  • WineConnect can provide you with automatic updates as fre=
    quently as every hour.
  • Whenever a product is added to your inventory the WineConnect system automatically searches its extensive database to update the product information.

Ability to modify

  • WineConnect can work with you to present the images and data in a manner tailored to your requirements.

Continuous quality control

  • Each step of the image and data acquisition is closely monitored and reviewed to insure consistency and correctness.

Increased sales

  • Studies have shown that more and more customers are becoming multichannel shoppers. A good, complete website can increase Internet sales as well as draw these customers to your stores to shop.
  • More informed customers tend to increase their purchases and upgrade the quality of their purchases.