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• Merchant Benefits
Four ways WineConnect can deliver images and data to your stores and your customers
Merchant Benefits Photo Merchant Benefits using the Kiosk

Targeted marketing – right down to the individual customer and right when decisions are made

  • On-site kiosk can influence the customer at point of purchase
  • Supports the customer’s decision making process
  • Informs the customer regarding sales and promotions
  • Detailed and current information on your products and services are readily accessible

Key support for both store personnel and customers

  • Assist store personnel in both presentation and training
  • Can supplement store personnel at busy periods
  • Provide customers with ready access to product information
  • Provide customers with information on sales and promotions

Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Increases customer comfort
  • Customers develop dependence on the support and service
  • Assists the customer in making informed decisions

Improved product sales

  • Exposes all your products to your customer base
  • Encourages the selection of better quality products
  • Enhances cross-selling opportunities