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• Merchant Benefits
Four ways WineConnect can deliver images and data to your stores and your customers
Merchant Benefits Photo Merchant Benefits using WineConnect Websites

Cost effective web presence

  • WineConnect can install and tailor a website to your requirements without incurring the costs of a total website development.
  • Time to installation is significantly reduced. Your website can be up and running in a matter of ten working days.

Great selection tools

  • Let your customers use your website to search by any combination of region, varietal, price range, and food match.

Reduced time and cost

  • Relieves your staff of the constant need to find, copy and install photographs, producer notes, independent tasting notes and ratings for an ever-changing number of products.
  • Allows your staff to focus on doing personal recommendations on highlighted products and services.

Continuous updates

  • WineConnect can provide you with updates as frequently as every day.
  • Whenever a product is added to your inventory the WineConnect database can be accessed to update your website.

Ability to control content

  • Your web service is completely tailored to reflect your brand and your level of service.
  • The details on each product in your inventory can be modified at the store level. You maintain control over how each product is presented.

Increased sales

  • Studies have shown that more and more customers are becoming multichannel shoppers. A good, complete website can increase Internet sales as well as draw these customers to your stores to shop.
  • More informed customers tend to increase their purchases and upgrade the quality of their purchases.